Thursday, November 30, 2006

Friday, November 17

I leave Bozeman at 6:10am on Friday and will arrive in Seoul, S. Korea at 6:35pm on Saturday. I retract anything I previously said about Delta because my SkyMiles status did bump me up to first class for the plane ride from Salt Lake to LAX. Unfrotunately, I slept most of the flight so didn't get to enjoy much first class status. Maybe it is just easier to sleep in first class.

From LAX it was a 12.5 hour flight. A short nap, three in-flight movies, a newspaper, a book, two meals and a video led in seat workout and we began our decent into Seoul.

I was met at the airport by my recruiter and the vice principal of the school. He brought me to my new apartment in Gimpo (a suburb of Seoul). It was a very spacious apartment and I'll share it with two flat mates (yes Marie, I have a flat!). One is from Wisconsin and the other is from West Virginia. They were waiting for my arrival to go out to dinner so I obliged them and we went.

I experienced my fist Korean meal. The shoe removal, chopstick using, cook your own food experience and everything. Very spicy, but very good. And I had my first taste of kimchi!

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