Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Road Trip to Indy

While my move to Indy wasn't near as tramatic as my move to Korea last year, it was no less momentus. I was able to capture a photo diary of my marathon road trip.
I started out on the Rocky Mountain front. The wind that rolled down those slopes blew me all the was to Wyoming and powered the turbines located just outside of Judith Gap.
The sagebrush flats in Wyoming turned day into night and led me to the foot of Mount Rushmore. One nice thing about going at night is you don't have to pay the admission fee. One reason I wanted to stop (besides needing to stretch my legs) was that over the holidays we watched North by Northwest.
I had to occupy myself through South Dakota and Iowa by trying to trick the GPS unit. I would take a random interstate exit, drive for ten minutes and then see if it could get me back to the interstate without backtracking. That thing is so smart! Only once did it ask me to turn into a corn field. Maybe there will be a road there some day.
After two days and more than 1800 miles, I made it to Chicago. I took a rest there visiting G & J. J and I went into the city to spend the afternoon. We went to the planetarium and then walked to the bean.

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