Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wolf Cave

Stupid Tourist Saturday!

So, when the weather warms up, I want to go camping. A couple weekends ago I scouted this great state park a few hours south of Indy. McCormick's Creek State Park must have 300 camp sites so I'll definitely want to avoid the 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend.
The park had some hiking trails throughout. Can one really call them hiking trails if the elevation varience is less than 15 feet? More like walking trails. But that is what you get in the midwest.
The trail I took led to Wolf Cave, one of many sink holes made over a millenia or water erosion. So named for the supposed pack of wolves that exited it and chased one of the early settlers of the area home. Luckily for hikers, wolves haven't been sighted in Indiana for more than a century.

It was a nice drive and a nice walk.

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Alex said...


I know what you mean about "hiking" trails in the midwest. I went "hiking" in Iowa at a state-park. It was more like "a place we forgot to plant corn/soybeans with a mud puddle in the middle" One thing that always impressed me, though, was the huge number of little bushy trees everywhere and the enthusiasm with which my local friends regarded the "woods." After being cooped up in town all week even a mostly-horizontal "hike" can be refreshing