Monday, July 23, 2007

Avoid the Internet!

It has been so hard these past few weeks. A short while back, the worst kind of Muggle hacked into the publishing company's computer system and began posting spoilers of the 7th HP book. Shortly thereafter, two online book sellers accidentally mailed 1200 copies of the book early. Now with the release of the book official, everyone is fair game to post spoilers.

Being in South Korea, I won't be receiving my copy of the book until the first of next week (Thank you Marie for being my Barnes and Nobles middleman). I will be avoiding the Internet at all costs. The plague of spoilers might otherwise ruin my enjoyment of JK's latest release.

You'll notice this post is starkly devoid of all links that might carry you to the related news articles. It is purposeful so that I might therefore avoid the aforementioned plague.
Hopefully the mail exchange and delivery between the USPS and the Korea Post is expedient, particularly this week.

Like everyone, I have my theories of what will happen in the Deathly Hallows and I can't wait to discover the story, secrets, twists and turns that await me in this masterpiece of literary fiction.

Once in hand, guaranteed I will not put it down until I've turned the last page. Happy reading!

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