Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best Laid Plans...Spoiled

So, the new teacher will come on Saturday. The Chinese teacher wanted to move back in on August 1. I was jockeying to maintain my position in not sharing my bathroom (and not dealing with people who on the best of days are annoying).

I made up all the bedrooms and spent considerable time cleaning the apartment. I rearranged furniture in anticipation of the new and returning housemates.

I told the Chinese teacher that the new teacher was moving in. She decided she wanted first dibs on the bedrooms. So she started moving in today. She wanted the bigger bed. I had previously moved it to her bedroom across the apartment. Now she says that she wants the closet.

I wouldn't normally care what room she took except for her annoying husband. Why doesn't she just move in with him? She tried that and it worked for all of two weeks. Now she is moving back in. It seems to be their goal to make everyone around them miserable.

I think I am getting the shaft on this deal. I am just too nice to say no. I don't have a logical reason for what I want just a personal reason. I definitely am not helping to move the bed back.

This post might be little bit negative but after a relatively good day, I'm not in a good mood with the roommate situation.

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Supergirl said...

Dude, that sucks and as a former Samsung resident I share in your anger. Good luck with the new teacher. He will teach Mercury I assume?