Sunday, July 08, 2007

Monk Boot Camp

Stupid tourist Sunday!

Day two of our temple stay, we were awoken at 4am. We attended a morning prayer service and then went for morning meditation. My legs and butt have never been so sore and cramped! It is hard to focus on nothing when there are jabbing pains running through your legs in the half lotus position.

We attended a traditional breakfast function led by one of the practicing monks. There was 3o minutes of prelude to the meal, 10 minutes of actual eating and then 20 minutes of clean-up time.
Finally, we set out from the temple to go trekking through inner Byeonsando and up to Jikso waterfall.It was a really pretty hike but I was sweating in my monk suit.After the hike, we had just enough time to shower and shop for souvenirs before heading back to Seoul. I crashed hard on the bus ride home. My body couldn't take the 4am wake up call.

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