Saturday, July 07, 2007


Stupid tourist Saturday!

We left Gimpo early to make it to the bus and go on a Buddhist Temple stay with my favorite Korea tour group.

Three hours on the bus took us to central-western Korea on the coast and inside Byeonsando National Park. Our first stop was Chaeseokgang and a walk along the beach.
We saw starfish, hermit crabs and other tidal pool creatures. There was a nice (small) light house and man-made pier as well as plenty of natural rock formations. Upon arriving at the Naesosa Temple, we changed into our 'monk suits' and looked around the temple.
After an orientation, we ate dinner in silence which was very weird. They have a strict vegetarian diet. I was craving meat like no other when I got home, even after just two days.
In the evening, we made lotus lanterns from scratch and then had tea with the elder monk. Lights out at 10:30.

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