Sunday, July 22, 2007


After Survivor, we started rafting. I was surprise by how little they said or did to prepare us for the river. No safety training, no instructions, just a little calisthenics. Fortunately, most of us have rafted before.
It was an overcast day and so the temperatures never warmed up. In addition, the water was not exactly warm. We had water fights with the other boats and it was down right cold!
Our guide had us working hard. There was only one class three rapid and the rest of the river was pretty mellow.
We stopped along the banks of the river to have a snack of kimchi pizza, ramyeon, and dongdognju. Dongdongju is a traditional Korean rice liquor that is creamy, kinda fizzy and really packs a punch.
We had a short boat ride to our take out after lunch.
After rafting, we were going to ride ATVs but it had started to rain. The guide said it would be too slippery and so we boarded a bus and headed back to Seoul.

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