Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dr. Min

I woke up Monday morning with bloodshot eyes that were caked shut with gunk. I thought for sure I had some horrible eye infection and so promptly scheduled an appointment for that afternoon.

I tolerate a lot worse illnesses without ever going to the doctor but after my Lasik surgery, I don't take chances with my eyes. Previous experience told me that doctors and pharmacists have first rate English but receptionists are a different story. The receptionist actually called a translation service to get my information and symptoms.

I sat down in the chair and after three minutes, Dr. Min diagnosed me with 'extreme fatigue'. Apparently my eyes can't handle working 50+ hour weeks and then partying, dancing and clubbing for three nights in a row.

I was a little disappointed with the diagnosis. I thought for sure it was something much worse. She said I just needed rest. But, she did give me a prescription for some anti-inflammatories and eye drops. The pills were neatly packaged in dosage packages but lacked the consumer information that is found on every American medication packet.
At least getting more rest is one doctors order that I want to follow.

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