Saturday, June 02, 2007

Secret Garden

Stupid Tourist Saturday!
We went to the Changdeokgung Palace (subway live #3 Anguk station) today which is open by guided tour only. The English tour was at 3:30 so we killed some time in Bukchon at a very expensive tea house. One pound bricks of tea went for a mere 300,000W. This palace was built in 1405 and was then restored in 1865. It held a building called the Blue House (named for the blue shingles) which was where the king dealt with affairs of state.
It had numerous buildings for the king, the queen, the concubines and other necessary buildings. I am starting to recognize the subtle differences in all the palaces.
On the back part of the palace grounds is the Huwon or Secret Garden. The gardens boasted over 100 species of trees and was the home of a 1,000 year old elm and a 500 year old juniper. Both of which have definitely seen better days.

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