Sunday, June 17, 2007

Marrakech Nights

We've been planning a night out on the town for awhile now. We started in Itaewon for dinner at Marrakech Nights. I have never been disappointed in a meal in Itaewon. Marrakech Nights is a Moroccan restaurant with some French flare.
The proprietor and his wife serve delicious food and provide a homey atmosphere. I had lamb with raisins and chickpeas seasoned with cinnamon. We started with baba ghanoush and potato fritters.
The ambiance was good and the food was amazing.
After Itaewon, we made our way to Hongdae and the Macondo Salsa Bar. Despite the incorrect directions on the website, we found it. (Take exit 4 from the subway station, not 5).
After getting out Latin groove on, we ended the night at TinPan.

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