Friday, June 22, 2007

The Lies We Tell

So, I've been trying to teach one of my elementary classes about writing letters. We have been reading a story about a little girl who moves to a new house and then writes letters to all her old friends.

At first I had the kids write a letter to their parents. That failed miserably. They weren't into it, they didn't pay attention and they didn't understand anything about writing letters.

In the story, the little girl moves to Chicago. I told the kids that my grandma lives in Chicago. They asked if my grandma knows the girl in the story. I said yes (lie #1).

I asked the kids if we should write a letter to the girl in the story so that my grandma could give it to her. (As if the girl is a real person, lie #2). The kids all got excited about the idea. They kept asking me over and over if my grandma would give the letters to the girl from the story. I unhesitatingly told them yes (lie#3).

Some of the letters were really cute. Take this example.
So Grandma, I am going to send you a package of letters from my Korean first graders. Could you find a little girl in the greater Chicago area to give them to? If the little girls name is Jan then at least it won't be a total lie and rather just a stretching of the truth. You can even show 'Jan' the picture of my class. Thanks Gram~!

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