Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I have been somewhat diligent in maintaining my training routine from the 5K run. I have managed to run at least twice a week usually in the evenings after it has cooled down a little from the heat of the day.

The trail is well used and no matter what time of the day or night, there are always a number of people walking, running or riding bikes. While running on the trail by the apartments I have made several observations that seem to hold true.

1. A kid riding a bike will steer away from you until you are within five feet, then he/she will steer directly toward you to try and clip you off at the knees.

2. Insects flying near the lamp posts will continue flying near the light until a jogger comes near at which point they will dive bomb the runner aiming for the nostrils and mouth.

3. Koreans enact laws that require people to walk on the left but then they refuse to follow that directive.

4. People using the trail seem more than happy to walk single file until they hear a jogger approaching from behind and then they insist on walking three abreast and blocking any chance of making it easy to pass.

5. Finally, humidity makes running, even running at night, almost unbearable. I think I'll move back to Montana where a day with high humidity is around 10%.

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