Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Buzz on Daffy

Every once in a while my Blogger Dashboard will point me toward some really interesting things from the blog sphere. Today's highlights are a new blog called Hobo Teacher and Blogger Play.
Hobo Teacher offers some excellent insight to the world of teaching. He says it best that in order to keep our sanity we often poke fun at the situations we are put in.

Blogger Play is a new feature on blogger that offers a slide shows of pictures being uploaded in real time. This is an interesting concept and serves well to demonstrate the diversity of the blogging community. It is easy to lose time just watching the pictures scroll through.

In other news: It was a lazy Saturday in Gimpo. Yoon Teacher called us to go to eat at our favorite duck restaurant. Back home to relax and digest our meal.

Do you eat duck?

1 comment:

d said...

Of course we eat duck, along with goose, grouse, pheasant, deer, antelope, etc.