Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Fails

I was slightly worried about what I would blog about. It was just an ordinary average day. I should have learned that Korea never fails or disappoints.

I came home to a street mall and carnival. I guess it was kind of like a block party with vendors, entertainment and food. They had cross dressing karaoke singers,
a huge food court with a spit of pork roast,and dozens of vendors for anything from shoes and cookware to bedding and artwork.My favorite was the rice cake machine. A dollop of batter, a lot of heat, and a lot of pressure and... viola! Rice cake. The machines shoots them out like a high powered air rifle. Good thing there is a screen to stop them from injuring people.

What was your last block party, bazaar or carnival like? What do you like most?


d said...

The quickest way to bouble your money is to fold it in half & stick it back into your pocket.

d said...

Good judgement comes from experence, & a lot of experience comes from bad judgement.