Sunday, September 09, 2007

Biblical Ignorance

I have been wanting to go to the aquarium at the 63rd building ever since we went there the first time way back in April.
I was unfortunately disappointed with the aquarium. It cost 12,000 Won ($12 US) to enter and it was pretty small. It did have some varieties of fish and other critters I've never seen before. We watched the sea lion show for a while and then headed to church.

The lectionary came from a book of the Bible that I have never heard of before...Philemon. It is a small book (one chapter) but in all of my years of church I don't think I've heard a sermon from it before. Sunday school was an awful long time ago and I don't remember the book of Philemon from that either.

When I took a semester in Missouri we would regularly look up Bible verses. To know if we had found it, the leader would say "Raise your hand if you've found it, say Bible study if you haven't."

I felt like saying 'Bible study!' aloud in the middle of service. The book is one of Paul's letters and I quite like the text.

What's your favorite book of the Bible? Why?


Erin said...

My favorite books are I and II Samuel. I love the relationship between Samuel and Eli, and Samuel is a pretty freaking awesome guy.

Kali said...

I feel better now, because Philemon was also the text at our church on Sunday, and I didn't remember it either!

I don't know about a favorite Book, but Psalm 32:8 is one favorite verse, along with Psalm 121.

Dad said...

Birch went the auarium last week-end also -- When he went fishing in B.C., he took some underwater photos & videos.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 21:19 I think it explains why men like to camp or be in the outdoors:)