Friday, September 28, 2007


From Tiananmen Square we walked past several museums as well as vendors selling everything from guide books to kites.
Our own guide book was quite comical and describe the square saying "bicycles are against the law (but apparently tanks are okay)."
We were talked into taking a rickshaw ride the rest of the way to the Temple of Heaven.

Inside the grounds we stopped to listen to musician families enjoying the afternoon making music and then berating each other when they were off beat or off pitch.

Everything in China signifying heaven is round including the buildings, ceremonial grounds, and burial plots.
The buildings had some beautiful tile work all in blue and green (as opposed to the royal buildings of yellow). On each tile was either a dragon (the emperor) or a phoenix (the empress).
It is a really nice park and a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon.
What mythical animal are you? Dragon or phoenix?


Dad said...

Iam neither a dragon or a phoenix, but Mom says that I will be reincarnated into a fish.

Dad said...

It's Friday morn (9-28). Happy Anniv to us. We will be leaving for Las Vegas tonight at 7:30 PM.

Liesl said...

I think it is amazing to think of the ancient and historical significance the square holds - and you were there! Way cool!