Saturday, September 01, 2007

Brew Good Times

We were going to meet in Itaewon for steaks. Four became three. Three became two. Geckos was full up so we ended up eating at Mignon. It is a French-Belgian resturant that served excellent dishes.I had the scallops and a carmalized crepe for dessert. It was delicious.
We went on a pub crawl in search of some good beer. We tried a couple different places before closing the night at the Rocky Mountain Tavern. It was strangely remeniscent of bars in Montana. It had a majority Canadian crowd and featured t-shirts like "I'm not perfect, but I'm Canadian (and that's close enough). They had imported MooseHead beer that was was much better than any of the Korean brews.

What's your favorite brew?


Dad said...

When I was in Korea, they had a military curfew, & EVERYONE had to be off the streets from Midnight to 6AM. The only beer that they had on the local economy was O.B. beer.

Gram said...

I still like my Michigan Straights.