Saturday, November 10, 2007


After a late Friday night, we got up early to travel to Paju. JT signed up for a peace 10K run. YT coordinated it for him and so she and I chaperoned. While he was running, we got to enjoy some other activities like donkey rides and some others whose target audience was 10 year olds. But, I got some windmills, a balloon, and some paper insects. We walked around the park and took some pictures. There was also a Korean pop group with their hit song...not sure which group it was. Their lyrics were something like 'shut up, shut up'. Good for the late teens to early twenties demographic.

We took the train back into the city which is always a nice change from the subway. We went to a restaurant owned by a friend of YT.
The restaurant specialized is steamed seafood including angler fish, baby octopus, squid and a couple of other unidentified fish. The seasoning tasted just like Old Bay. It was good and unlike any other meal I've had in Korea. What's your favorite seafood seasoning?


Dad said...

For a guy that didn't like fish as a child, you sure did change.

Dad said...

Mom makes a great seafood stew!!!