Monday, November 12, 2007

Suit Success

After four weeks, I finally got my suits. Usually they can turn out a suit in less than a week but because I said I wasn't in a rush and because I could only go for fittings on the weekends, they took their sweet time. I did one final fitting with the tailor and with a scowl on his face and many times gutturally clearing his throat it was deemed that it did indeed fit very well. I have a charcoal gray one and a navy blue one (both pin striped).

The suits will need to air out before first use and it might take some Febreze upon returning to the States because they both have the distinct aroma of the tailor's tobacco.

He said I could come back any time for adjustments but unless I gain or lose a lot of weight in the next six days I won't be able to take him up on his offer. At any rate I'm really excited to have a suit specifically made for me.

Do you have a rack wardrobe or a tailored one?

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