Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kimchi Pots

I am trying to fit my entire life into two suitcases. It is a surprisingly complicated task. It is amazing the amount of 'stuff' one accumulates after one year. I have already sent five boxes home and now I can only carry two bags onto the airplane.

I am purging a lot of my clothing opting on buying new stuff when I get back to the states. I think I would have been fine except YT came over today and took me to the farmer's market. She bought me two kimchi pots. I had to repack everything to make them fit and I might have to leave some more stuff now. I'm not complaining because kimchi pots are the absolute perfect souvenir from Korea. (Korean politicians voted that they could not be exported so you cannot get them anywhere but Korea. How's that for unique?! Who knew that an obscure pottery item could be so noteworthy.)

My final farewell dinner was at IPorky's. Man, I love that place. It was especially delicious tonight. We told the owner that tonight was my last night and she was all about giving us free vegetables, free wine and some free meat. I love Korea. I said goodbye to my fellow teachers and called up my Korean helper teacher to say goodbye. It was fun. YT and her husband will pick me up tomorrow at 1pm to take me to the airport.

If you could never eat at a restaurant again, where would you go for one last meal?


Reverend Ref + said...

Safe travels. Give us a call when you get home.

Dad said...

Glad to have you home.