Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Slippery Devils

Today was my first day with the four year olds. I think it would be fun to approach life with the mentality and attitude of a four year old. These are the invaluable lessons I learned today.

1. Making forts is completely cool and anything on hand is good building material.

2. Chaos and disorder are the symphony of life.

3. Exercise consists of squirming away from adults trying to keep you in your chair.

4. It is possible and natural to go from a fit of tears to a fit of laughter .4 seconds.

5. Every day should involve tickling.

6. When a shoe comes off it might be a national emergency until properly restored to the foot.

7. If it is closed, open it and vice versa.

8. If off, turn it on and vice versa.

9. If it is on the table, it is meant to be on the floor; vice versa.

10. The nearest adult should be jumped upon and tackled to the ground....just because.

What lessons have four year olds taught you?


Dad said...

You have the 10 basic lessions from a 4 y.o.

d said...

The wise & brave dares oun that he was wrong.

For want of a nail the shoe is lost; for want of a shoe a horse is lost; for want of a horse the rider is lost.

Liesl said...

Stand away . . . far away . . .