Thursday, November 15, 2007

Galbi Castle

After attending several other going away dinners it is hard to believe that tonight is my dinner. Mrs. Lee took us all out to dinner at the 7th floor pork barbecue place that we like so much.
I feel really honored because she went on and on about how much they'd miss me. She blessed my future and wished me good luck. Then, Mr. Lee showed up and wished me well! The man hardly ever comes to the school and the first two words I say to him or him to me are goodbye and thank you. It was an enjoyable dinner with all you could eat. They Koreans all laughed when I ordered the Korean. I may not of learned Korean from my time here, but I do know how to order food! For a food lover that is rather important I think. My conversational skills end if we aren't talking about pork, beef, mushrooms, pumpkin or noodles.
How do you celebrate a bon voyage?


Dad said...

We're not concerned w/ the Bon Voyage, we're waiting for the Welcome home B.J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I like your creativity in linking each word in "several other going away dinners" to a different blog posting.

I haven't had too many bon voyage celebrations but Alex, Danielle, Ramey, Rachel, Austin, Christie, and Leah are coming to our house tomorrow to watch the 107th Cat-Griz game. I hope for this to be a celebration of sorts but I won't know until the clock lights up a string of zeros tomorrow afternoon and the Cats are ahead.

Look forward to seeing you back in Montana.