Sunday, November 18, 2007

To My Plane Seat Mate...Sorry.

YT and her husband picked me up to go to the airport at 1pm. The plan was to go to lunch before dropping me off. It was a very memorable lunch. We went to the seaside where restaurants serve every kind of seafood imaginable. We opted for clams and shellfish. They brought us a huge platter of fresh clams, mussels and snails. We threw them right on the flames and waited for them to steam inside their shells. When ready to eat, they popped right open. It was a very good meal. I felt sorry for the person who had to sit next to me on the plan because I’m sure I stank.
My flight left right on time…only ten and a half hours to American soil!
Twenty-two hours later and still the same day I landed in Great Falls. It is a surreal feeling to be back. The past year just seems a blur. It is really hard to believe a year has passed.


Pak Ngah said...

hi... i'm from Malaysia... nice blog.

Dad said...

Welcome Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!1