Monday, April 09, 2007

The 63rd City

Saturday started off on Yeouido island. On one end of the island is the National Assembly building and on the other end is the 63rd building. We started at the National Assembly building. The building is a striking feature next to the river in day or at night. It has beautiful grounds that connect with the river park. Around the assembly building is the main street lined with cherry blossoms on which the festival is held. After the assembly building, we made our way to the 63rd building or 63 City - the tallest building in Seoul. It has 63 floors of business offices, convention rooms, IMAX movie theater, Sea World aquarium, restaurants and shops. On the 60th floor is a viewing deck that offers an expanse of the city and overlooks the Han River. The viewing floor had a gift shop and offered free face painting for anyone who lost a dollar bet.
The exterior of the building is coated in gold and so really stands out on the landscape. People in the park enjoyed a picnic in the nice spring weather. I really liked this fish which was found near the subway station.

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