Friday, August 31, 2007

Never Before

Never before have I thought of myself as old. Not even a few days ago when I turned a year older. Today was a poignant reminder of exactly how old I am.
It was field trip day at Kid's College and we took the kindergarten classes to Jungle In. It is basically like the old school McDonald's play lands but bigger and better. Ball pits, slides, zip lines, crawl tunnels and countless other tools of fun to wreak havoc on an aging body.

It was a lot of fun. The nice thing about this place is that anyone who surpasses the 4' height mark (even by two feet) can still play. My kids hung on me constantly dragging me through the torturous tunnels and using me as a human sled.
I played with my kids non-stop for the entire time. It was so fun to just play with them and not worry about a lesson, correcting grammar or punishing inappropriate behavior.
At Jungle In we had to take off our shoes and we got to wear these cool slippers that ensured me that my feet would stay healthy.
The kids' parents packed lunch for us and they put on quite a spread. Way too much kimbap and plenty of fruit.
Before lunch, our boss and school principal, Mrs. Lee, talked to the kids about eating. She stressed the importance of eating slowly and waiting before running around. Waiting at least 30 minutes prevents the otherwise inevitable vomit episodes. Her warnings and demonstrations must have done the trick because we were accident free. Her demonstrations were absolutely hilarious and I was able to capture them on video. I couldn't stop laughing as she was talking to the kids. Check it out.

It was a fun day but I can barely move now. Every muscle in my body hurts and I think I sprained a finger on my right hand. I sustained several other injuries including a scratched retina (ball to the eye), bloody lip (head butted by Rex), and a bruised tailbone (way too many trips down the slide). It was worth it.What activity reminds you of your age?


Kali said...

Most everything I do reminds me of my age anymore!! Like getting up in the morning!! :-)

Dad said...

Just remember, you are more than a quarter century old.

Dad said...

EVERY activity reminds me of my age.

BM said...

Getting my arm twisted into coaching high school football at RHS. Not only am I in over my head but I'm also reminded of my age.

Erin said...

Man, I told you Jungle Inn was the BEST. FIELD TRIP. EVER. I can't think of an activity that reminds me of my age, but when I was staying with my dad he was also playing host to his brother-in-law's kids, the oldest of whom was fourteen. Every time I told them to stop doing something, like yelling or fighting, they'd say "Yes, ma'am" and stop immediately. And I was sitting there thinking, "I'm old enough to be a 'ma'am' now???"