Sunday, October 21, 2007

For Your Health

Today's was Gimpo's For You Health Run. Three of us ESL teachers and then three of the Korean teachers participated.
The race course started at the Gimpo stadium. We saw a few of our students there. At the end they gave away door prizes and then did a soccer ball/basketball throw. It pays to be the tallest one because JT and I each caught one. I gave mine to one of my students who was at the run.I don't think it was a true 5K course. It didn't feel near as long and I dropped my time by about five minutes. My speed has improved but not by five minutes.Afterwards they called the three of us foreigners up on stage and presented each of us with a box of soap. Either they were saying 'thanks for participating' or 'you guys really stink'. I'm not sure which.

What do you do for your health?


d said...

You guys really stink!

Dad said...

What do I do for my health? I should rest more, but instead, I went hunting & walked several miles, then helped Rick drag his two Elk off the mt. We were still at it at 11 PM, then back up the mt at 9 AM the next morning. We used two game carts, & one horse, plus some dragging. Lots of work. About 2 1/2 miles over that rough stuff on Calvin's.