Wednesday, October 03, 2007

International Peace Marathon Festival

National holiday in Korea so a day off work. Do we catch up on sleep? Do we rest up? Do we do laundry? No! We signed up for a 5K run as part of the International Peace Marathon Festival.
It started at 10am but was two hours across Seoul at the Olympic stadium in Jamsil.
There were over 12,000 participants and a huge crowd of organizers, celebrities, officials, sponsors and supporters.
It was a good run right next to the Han River. After the race we were given a participants medal.
We also scored some stylish gym bags for entering the race.

What kind of races do you run?


d said...

The only race Iam in is the Rat Race!

Dad said...

Nice gym bag. Weather turned cooler. Might get down to 30* by Fri, & possibly snow. Weather in L.V. was great -- high of 80* & low of 55*. About 10* cooler than normal.

Anonymous said...

diligent guy! already wrote today's event & stories of beijing. I enjoyed them;) Aekyung