Saturday, October 06, 2007

Peace on the Peninsula

Mushroom Update!

This past week has definitely been a big news week in the Koreas. Firstly, North Korea has agreed to nuclear disarmament by December 31. This is huge considering the years that they have been in failed talks.

Then last Tuesday, South Korean President, Roh Moo-hyun, and North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-il met to discuss a peace treaty. President Roh walked across the border in an elaborate ceremony and the two leaders triumphantly clasped hands as if the past 50 years hadn't happened.

Could the DMZ become a thing of the past? Is reunification for the Korean peninsula actually possible? They idea almost seems surreal.

The kicker is that Mr. Kim gave President Roh four tons of the prized pine mushrooms to take home worth $2.6 million. Never look a gift horse in the mouth...but don't the people (people, not army) of North Korea need that money more than the financially secure S. Koreans?

What do you think of the summit results?

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d said...

The summit seems to be a good start. Just beginning the talks is a good idea, even if both sides don't agree at this time. N. Korea needs food & money, & they will have to trade w/ the West (& South) at some time.