Monday, October 22, 2007

Waiting for Heroes

My favorite TV show of the fall has to be NBC's Heroes. I have limited selection having to rely on those shows that are posted online and that can be viewed outside of the U.S. Heroes airs Monday nights in the States and while it is Monday night in Korea, Heroes won't be posted until Wednesday or if the hackers are really good, Tuesday. I've also been keeping up with Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty and The Office.

Are there any others I should be watching? What is your favorite series of the fall?


Anonymous said... are missing the most important ones..desperate housewives and grey's anatomy!! Pretty much the best ones!! Oh ya and private practice!!

Dad said...

We don't like Heroes!

Alex said...

I don't watch very much television, but there is a show called Journeyman that I think is sort of interesting. It is sort of similar to "Quantum Leap" in concept (dating myself), but with more interesting story lines. Isn't it interesting that no one has mentioned a single reality show (40% of primetime hours according to Nielson). That is not a coincidence!

Dad said...

You might want to consider shipping/mailing your suits & shirts to JR in Indy, & that will decrease your packing, & you'll have the suits when you get there. They have to be folded any way.