Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School Picture Day

The last two weeks there has been a photographer roaming the school. They are trying to capture great teaching moments on film to be used for fliers, brochures, and someone said great big wallpaper for the school's promotion. All of our classes have been disrupted (teaching isn't really that important). They pull us and the kids out in the middle of very riveting lessons on conjunctions to pose a picture. Most of them are realistic but one of the classes had to pose with violins. Since when do we teach the violin at an English academy?!?

My own class was posed with phonics flip cards and insect posters. The kids were really good about it and did their best to ensure their perma-smiles while the photographer snapped away. They also did an all school picture with all the kindergarten classes and teachers. It was hilarious. Mrs. Lee stood up on a stool doing some sort of impersonation that was a cross of the Joker's laugh, Santa's chuckle and a witch's cackle. The kids were in fits and were to the point of laughing on cue. Here is the result.They're cute though, aren't they?


Dad said...

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The golden age never was the present age.

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Dad said...

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