Monday, October 08, 2007

What the Flup?!?

One of my kinders said the F bomb today. At first I thought I misheard him. But, then another one said it. They were also using their middle finger. I was furious and marched both of them straight to the principals office. I felt like washing his mouth out with soap!

When I was in kindergarten I don't think I even new any of those cuss words in English let alone a foreign language. And I don't remember using a cuss word until well into high school. Neither kid new what they were saying but they both knew it was a bad word and they shouldn't be saying it.

Of course this is the same kid who was kicked out of the school a year ago for cussing in Korean. Apparently he has learned the English equivalents. The educational system is working!

I blame his parents. He is a problem child in more ways than just foul language and he probably heard the word from a movie he watched. Why are his parents letting him watch a movie with that kind of language? Shouldn't they be watching Disney cartoons?

After the incident, I talked with the rest of the class to make sure they understood that it was a bad word and they were not allowed to use it. To my shock almost all knew the word, had a vague idea of what it meant, and some had even used the word (not in my class). What is this world coming to?

Do you cuss? When did you start?


Alex said...

Hearing little kids use profanity always makes me irrationally angry. On some level I know that it is holding kids to a higher standard than adults (When is the last time you singled out and scolded a profane adult?), but I still hate to hear kids say things like that. I will concede that this sort of language (albeit, not in a foreign language - unless you count words that "English" has borrowed from other languages) creeps into my vocabulary from time to time, but generally only when I am in an environment where other people are using it a lot. Does that justify me? No...

In the real world it is very difficult to be part of the language police, but your efforts are certainly laudable...

Gram said...

It's sad to know other cultures are experiencing the same deterioration of respect for others as we have in the states.

Anonymous said...

Some korean(especially younger who start to study English)don't know F bomb means so bad. Sometimes they use it as a joke-.- They feel the word has weaker meaning than korean cuss. hmm...I know it looks stupid.
It is same if you know korean cuss, maybe you don't distinguish some are really bad but ohters are not so bad.

I had known the word when I was high school, but I had a vague idea of what it meant. I knew it after my english teacher explained it when I was a freshman in university. Similar accident like your situation(two korean boys talked each other and one boy used the word to another during break time)

It is because of ignorance about English and culture.
Don't be so angry:( and explain it your kinders;)


MM said...

It is interesting that somehow we think speaking in such a way (no matter the language) is appropriate, let alone justified. In a professionl setting, I believe profane, volgur language is a sure way for a person to degrade their capabilities and intellegence. Sad to say that there are some people I have met and the only memory I have of them is their use of the profanity - not sure why I met them, what they did for a living...only that they "swore like a sailor". When someone uses such language as if to emphasize something, the only emphasis that stands out in my mind is their lact of tact, professionalism (setting) and (aforementioned) intellegence. Even worse is those that use such language in their regular conversation. Can we correct their "language"? Most circumstances no, but me leaving the location with my children in tow tends to illuminate the point.

Dad said...

Four letter words are very easy to say. After a stroke or a head injury, the first words many people can say are the 4 letter words -- they just come out easier. This was true w/ David T., even though he didn't cuss before his injury, & of course it made his dad mad. Many of this people (even little old ladies -- aka LOL) use this language after a brain injury. They are very easy to say, & they certanly help to heal the pain after you hit your head or smash your hand.