Thursday, October 04, 2007

Peking Duck

On our first day in Beijing, we tried the dish that Beijing is famous for...Peking Duck (please don't let me contract avian flu!!!)

The duck is served with efficiency that is unmatched because so many people order it at restaurants. We had numerous sides brought to our table and then a chef brought the duck to our table to carve it. The thinly sliced meat is dipped in sauce and then eaten with a kind of rice tortilla. The chef also splits open the head so you can eat out the brains. I couldn't stomach that part.The duck was very good though. It is marinated and then sered to create a crispy skin. The duck is then cooked in an oven of fruitwood or straw fire until the meat inside the skin is nice and tender.

I'm not sure it was all that it is cracked up to be but it was a good meal. In addition to the duck, we tried a lot of other types of Chinese cooking at various restaurants. Our favorite meal was our very last at one of the local hutong restaurants. We had chili chicken, sauteed shrimp, and deep fried fruit.

What is your favorite Chinese meal?

Completely random...We had dinner at a local restaurant in Gimpo tonight and the proprietor stopped me to tell me that I looked like Brad Pitt. I think that to Asians all Westerners look alike because I don't see the resemblance. I'll take the compliment though.

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