Friday, October 12, 2007

I like...

I like dark chocolate.
I like smiling (it's my favorite).
I like standing on top of a mountain I've just hiked and feeling like I'm on top of the world.
I like cooking fancy dinners for family and friends.
I like the cold exhilaration of skiing on fresh snow.
I like going places I've haven't been before
and doing things I haven't done before.
I like comments on my blog.
I like supporting cancer research.
I like supporting youth education.
I like recycling.
I like that sense of accomplishment in reaching a goal.
I like getting my hair cut.
I like towels fresh from the dryer.
I like planning.
I like adventures.
I like talking about great new books I've read.
I like learning.
I like the tang in my cheeks after I eat a pack of Smarties.
I like sunrises and sunsets.
I like naps.
I realize how blessed I am that I can enjoy all the things I like.
What do you like?


Dad said...

I like:

Dad said...

I have tried to teach mon on how to get to your comments at least 3 times, but she is still having trouble getting there. Maybe today will be the day.

Dad said...

He that can have patience can have waht he will.

Keep flax from fire, youth from gaming.

Anonymous said...

I like: TOP 7!
Family(it's my favorite)
hanging out with my friends.
doing(or learning)something for reaching a goal.
uploading pictures and writing a diary to my cyworld.

^___^ Aekyung

Anonymous said...

Mom has finally accomplished finding the comments. Yea!

Liesl said...

I like your blog!