Friday, October 05, 2007

Sweet Potatoes

Field trip day at Kid's College again. We took all of the kindergarten classes to dig sweet potatoes. The field was owned by one of my students' grandparents and they had prepared three rows for the kids to dig through.
It was chaos and the kids had a blast. They dug as many as they could find. After digging potatoes, we went to Mrs. Lee's house and picnicked on the lawn. She has a great lawn (rare in Korea to have a lawn at all) and persimmon trees in the yard. We got to play with her border collie and a new collie puppy. Mrs. Lee is a part time school principal and part time deer farmer. At her house, she had four deer in the back yard. She never ceases to amaze me.
The kids were so tuckered out on the bus ride back that they crashed.
We all ended up with some sweet potatoes that will made a good dinner some time.What was your favorite field trip from school?

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Anonymous said...

How many different school T shirts & sweatshirts do the kids have. In your pictures, I have seen all the kids in blue T shirts, red T shirts & now yellow & green sweatshirts.