Saturday, January 13, 2007

America's No. 1 Condiment

Saturday, after the field trip, we went into Yongsan for one of our co-worker's going away party. She will be staying in Seoul to teach for another year but she will be leaving our hagwon.

It is tradition to send teachers off with a dinner of sogum gui. This restaurant was in a back alleyway of Seoul and it is probably rare for Americans to venture in there. Those are the best kind of places to go...the ones other Americans don't frequent.

Sogum gui is thick cuts of marinated meat - in our case, pork. It is smoked and cooked over charcoal. Very satisfying meal. In addition, we finished several bottles of Hite and two bottles of Soju.

After dinner, we took a cab to Hongdae and met another friend for some salsa dancing. The club was a great space. Small but with a high ceiling and a large dance floor. There was an excellent Latin flair to the place and it was kind of funny seeing Koreans dancing salsa. (I know, stereotypes.) The music was fast-paced and tons of fun.


Reverend Ref + said...

we finished several bottles of Hite and two bottles of Soju . . . Probably a good thing you took a cab. ;)

Sounds like life in Korea is going well. Glad you're enjoying it.

WF said...

We were happy!