Friday, August 10, 2007

The Island

One of Langkawi's best known attractions is the cable car ride up to the tallest peak on the island. Supposedly, it is the fast cable car in Asia but it didn't seem much different than Seoul's Namsan tower ride.
The main difference was the distance between support towers. The expanse was amazing and the car was suspended quite a ways above the forest canopy. There are two stops along the ride that allow for some really nice views of the island and even a little jungle trekking.
At the top (705 meters above sea level), you can take a walk along the world's tallest and longest curved suspension foot bridge.
After viewing the island from the top of the world, we went back down and then made our way by foot back up to the Seven Wells Waterfall. It is a beautiful waterfall but the draw is at the top. There are seven pools naturally carved out that are perfect for swimming. The wearing away of the stone even made a natural water slide of sorts. They say that nymphs and fairies used to bathe in the pools so it is supposedly healthy to bathe in them.On on of the days, we signed up for a day of scuba diving and snorkeling. I highly recommend the East Marine dive company because they had the best service, equipment, and prices but most importantly they had the best dive location. We set off 19 nautical miles south of Langkawi to Pulau Payar. The reef was pristine and hosted a wide array of fish who loved to come near people. Some were bold enough to nip at my leg hairs.We swam with trigger fish, angel fish, black tipped reef sharks and a multitude of others. We went snorkeling first is the shallow waters and later took a dive in the deeper waters. My new underwater camera worked like a charm. (Thanks Dad!)Out of the 70 people who went on the excursion, only eight went scuba diving and so we had a lot of one-on-one attention and we each had our own dive master.Malaysia truly was a beautiful and magical place. The trip was relaxing but adventurous. Thank you Langkawi!

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