Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Langkawi Creatures and Critters

Day 1 of our Malaysian adventure we went to an oriental village that offered lots of good souvenir shopping as well as elephant rides. We had ten minutes on this 28 year old elephant.
He was really hot and we didn't mind stopping at the river while the elephant drank and cooled himself off with a shower.
After the ride, we got to feed him some sugar cane sticks. He knew exactly what was up and bellied up for his treat after the ride.
After the elephant ride we were going to hike up to the Seven Wells Waterfall. In the parking lot, we came face to face with dozens of monkeys. They were playing on the cars and digging through the garbage cans. When we got back to our car after the hike, we had a special treat - monkey poo!
Along the trail we saw this gigantic slug slithering along.
On Day 2 of our vacation we took a drive around the island and stopped at the Wild Bird Paradise and Animal Sanctuary. They had beautiful parrots, flamingos, owls and other birds. At the sanctuary they also had the world's smallest deer, the mouse deer. These were really interesting, about the size of a large rabbit.They had a walk-in aviary with multiple birds. Here is a black swan and a secretariat bird.We got to feed many of the animals and these ostriches really like our carrots. They were quite pushy.The central image of Langkawi is the huge sea eagle statue looking over the harbor. It is a very prominent and recognizable feature.What island vacation would be complete without sharing the beach with the hotel alarm clock. They chickens wandered down to the beach chairs every afternoon to snoop around.

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