Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News Flash

The Taliban just agreed to release the South Korean Christian missionaries they had previously captured in July.

Something about the previous articles made me think the Taliban hadn't really thought it through very well. They had captured women (taboo) and there wasn't much the South Korean government could offer in exchange for the release. It seems once they realized that, they were trying to find a way to release the captives while saving face.

Although, I'm not sure how well thought through the plan was to send missionaries to Afghanistan in the first place.

Interesting fact: South Korea currently has over 17,000 missionaries working abroad and is second only to the United States.

What do you think about the Taliban's capture/release of the missionaries?


Dad said...

The Taliban does not think before it acts.

Meg said...

I met some people last year that are missionaries in Afghanistan, and a couple from my church are currently applying for it. Just because it's dangerous doesn't mean God doesn't want you to do it :)

WF said...

Good point. But for everything there is a season. Personally I don't think dropping ones self into a war torn country that still has a strong millitant factor is the 'right time' for evangelism or other activities (journalism, tourism, activism, etc.).