Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lies Perpetuate

A while back, I had the kids write letters to an imaginary pen pal in the States. I sent the letters to my Gram and thanks to her tireless efforts (and my aunt) the pen pal became real.

My class was so excited to have American cohorts to exchange letters with. After reading the American girls' letters they were ready to practice their English skills and write back.

Once they were done writing the letters, I let them draw a picture. Each of them wanted to draw a picture of their new American friend. It was funny because the most overwhelming questions of looks was "What color is her hair?"

Before coming to Korea, I think I was desensitized to the variety of natural hair color that Americans wear. Everyone in Korea has black hair. Some profess that they have really, really dark brown hair, but what is the difference? I always take notice when I'm walking down the street and see a blond Korean (dyed of course). Even lesser tones of brown or dyed streaks of purple really stick out.

So, I guess it is a fair question for them to ask the hair color of their American pen pal. Heaven forbid we get that wrong.

These are some of the letters and the kids' pictures.

What lies have you told lately?


Dad said...

Poor Granma. Having to wright all those letters back to your kids.

WF said...

No, she found a pair of girls, 7 and 9, who live next door.