Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Obsession for a Laugh

Sometimes I ashamedly cannot pull myself away from my computer. Today was one of those days. Thanks to Freakonomics, I discovered a new blog (new to me) called Indexed.

The writer uses standard index cards to illustrate ponderings in a mathematical and economical way. Who ever knew economics could be fun?

Her Venn diagrams and x/y graphs put the world into simplistic realisms that provoke thought and a good dose of laughter.

No subject is taboo and she touches on everything from Disney
to the Bibleto Monty Python.She will be publishing a book next February and anybody in need of a gift idea for me would do well to write this one down. ;-)

Can you view the world in a Venn diagram? What would it look like?


Dad said...

My Venn diagram would be a pyramid, with family at the top, fishing next, then fun -- the 3 Fs. Iam not being critical, but you once told me to tell your about your spelling errors on your blog. Today's error is "Who ever new economics".

WF said...

Thanks dad.