Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Stupid Tourist Saturday.We met for lunch in Itaewon at the Wolfhound Irish Pub. It was a nice pub that served traditional Irish meals like Toad in the Hole, Bangers and Champ, and Shepherd's Pie. We also indulged in some Guinness, Black and Tans, and green beer.
After lunch we went to a little hole-in-the-wall book store called What the Book. It has a great English selection and specializes in used books. I found 'The Aquariums of Pyongyang' which came highly recommended. It is about a North Korean who escaped and is now living in South Korea. He recounts the story of his years in that country.

Our party split, the girls to go shopping and the guys to go the the National Museum. It was the last day of a special exchange exhibit from the Louvre. There was a huge crowd on hand to see the exhibit before it left. We stood in live for a long time.
It cost 10,000W to get into the exhibit in which we had to shove and elbow our way to get even a short, distant view of the paintings. Some of the paintings were very impressive but it was a relatively small exhibit. I am no art aficionado but I didn't recognize any of the artists.

The museum is huge. The permanent exhibit of the museum spans three floors and costs an additional 2,000W to view. The interior of the main exhibit hall is the size of Grand Central Station. We only got through half of the museum which housed artwork, metal work and artifacts from all over Asia. I'll have to return when I have more time. The museum can be located off subway line #4, the Ichon station.
After the museum, we all met up again and went to a house warming party for a former co-worker. She cooked a Dominican meal and then we danced to salsa and meringue.

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