Monday, March 05, 2007


I have no idea how it started.

I have just not been myself since I started working here. First, I played Santa Claus. Shortly thereafter I became Superman.

Way back in January, of my fellow teachers told the kids that I was Superman. In between classes I was mobbed by the students asking if I was the famous superhero. I played along. And the web of deceit began to be spun. Firstly, I can only fly when I'm outside (otherwise the whole building would come with me). Secondly, one of the other students did see me leap a tall building in a single bound when I was walking home. Of course I have x-ray vision and super hearing. Duh! Why can't I use my laser vision? My boss keeps kryptonite in the school to keep me under control. Etc., etc., etc.

The stories perpetuated. Apparently, superheros in America needed a safe haven and so had to all move to Korea. Our school currently employs Supergirl (my little 'sister'), Spiderman and Spidergirl (a husband and wife teaching team), Wonder Woman, and Batman. Who knew?

A majority of the students are doubtful of our claims of super powers but the teaching staff has united to continue the myth. Even the Korean staff has joined in. A good number of the kids believe the stories. They say I look like Superman. Bless their little hearts. I don't see the resemblance other than I'm tall and American. (Oh and I was born on the planet Krypton). But other than that I can't understand why they believe it.

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