Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Showers....Bring May Flowers

Days are often gloomy here with a constantly slight overcast sky. But the last couple days, dark clouds have been rolling in. Some of them let loose their rain and others pass us by without a fleeting glance. Either way, they upset the delicate balance of my classroom management. Kids jump out of their seats to see the black clouds and crane to look out the window and see if it is raining.

They need to go outdoors more often! We don't have a playground for the kids to run around in and have recess. They have gym class once or twice a week but it usually ends up being an extended English lesson. Which leaves us teachers inventing new ways to expel energy productively in the classroom.

I employ the jumping jack game. My students practice their numbers in English up to 100 (if they have that much energy) by doing jumping jacks and counting them allowed. If a kid can't sit still in their chair, I take their chair away and make them stand. Cruel?, yes but effective.

Anybody have any other great ideas to keep these kindergarten bodies productively in motion? I'm always open to new ideas. Leave me a comment.

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Meg said...

head shoulders knees and toes?