Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Korean Golf

Even in Korea golf is a rich man's sport. Though the lack of open space seems to present a problem for courses in or around the metropolitan area.

Koreans who do play golf have resorted to large netted driving ranges. This is really ingenious in a way because you don't have the labor of collecting the balls from the field. The netted areas include a ramp that allows the balls to roll back to the tee. (It would defeat the purpose if you only paid for a bucket of balls like in the states.)
These driving ranges can be located everywhere around the city and if you get done working on your driving, you can practice your putting at the mini-golf course just next door.
This particular range was located behind the National Museum but was completely walled off from the museum and thus preventing us from taking in nine holes on the put-put course after touring the museum.

Interested in golfing in Korea? Just look for the large green netted areas.

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