Sunday, March 18, 2007

Walking, Talking Dictionary

The 10am choir and the 3pm choir at IWE has joined forces to put on an Easter Cantata performance. I am the token pale face in the choir as most are Koreans or other internationals who have naturally darker complexion.

It is hard to blend in. I am automatically looked to for pronunciation on words in the cantata. I think it is funny because even Americans don't always pronounce biblical words the same way. Jerusalem, Hosanna, Alleluia. They aren't exactly English words with set pronunciation. I just give them my pronunciation and we get on with the song.

The director conducts in Korean and so he'll give instructions and I have to figure out what and where I need to sing. It is a fun challenge.

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Anonymous said...

We're doing a Cantata for Easter too; probably the best one ever as far as the message goes. And the music is very interesting with lots of tricky rhythms, etc. Verta is doing the dialog and does a great job with it. As always we're short on men; only 4, but Craig is going to sing some of the bass from the podium. You do what you have to do!