Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Life In Idioms

It is sad to say but I feel like my life has been reduced to idioms (words or phrases whose meanings cannot be deduced from literal definitions but refer instead to figurative meanings). In my adult conversation classes, we dissect the meaning of each idiom from the simple to the complex. I began to realize that everything I say is some sort of idiom. Everything I write. Everything I think. I am constantly dissecting the hidden meaning of each phrase.

I can see why English can be a frustrating language to learn because you don't just have to learn the words and what the words mean, but you have to learn the phrases and what the phrases mean.

Take tonight for example...We were discussing 'save the day' and 'at death's door'. So next time I'm at the bank I'll just ask the teller to go ahead and put a day away for me. I'll save it for later when I need an extra one. OR I was went to a friend's house and who happened to live just across the hall?-Death. He is one scary dude, that Death guy. And his door is kind of freaky too.

Who would have guessed the actual meanings of those phrases include the common theme from superhero movies and being close to death. I constantly have an internal monologue running saying "Oooo, That's a good idiom. How could I explain it to my adult conversation class?"

I need to get out more!

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