Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm a nerd

Stupid Tourist Saturday!

Well, I'm definitely an Aggie. I was flipping through my guide book and got to the part on Seoul museums and which one catches my eye? The Agricultural Museum. I really had an enjoyable time looking at all of the tools used in farming practices throughout the centuries.

Some of the implements included plows, soil levelers, threshers and even RotoTillers.

They had elaborate tools for making fertilizer pellets.

And others for controlling irrigation systems.

They even had greenhouses that had paper windows allowing light in but that were insulated with straw and heated with an underground boiler. This allowed them to force crops even in winter months.

I walked a couple of blocks to the Gyeonghuigung Palace. Honestly, I've had my fill of Korean palaces. They are all remarkably similar usually only varying in size. While they all have beautifully ornate ceilings and they are truly remarkable structures I've decided that early Korean architects didn't have much of an imagination. They tended to copy each other.

Next stop was the Seoul Museum of History. This structure brings together samples of artifacts from throughout Seoul's history. It was a nice museum and only a 700 Won entrance fee but it lacked flow through the exhibit rooms and it seemed to be a repeat of the museums and displays at the various palaces.

I ended the day at the Seoul Arts Center which encompasses a concert hall, opera house, recital hall, art gallery, calligraphy hall, and Museum of Traditional Korean Music. There were closing the doors to the museum as I was arriving so I only got a couple of minutes to look around. I'll have return when I'm not rushed.

I ended up at the recital hall where fortuitously they have a concert of traditional Korean music every Saturday at 5pm.

It was an 8,000 Won ticket which paid for a comfortable seat. I promptly fell asleep but not before snapping a couple pictures of the performances.

Korean music might be an acquired taste. The one piece I did enjoy was from a modern composer using the traditional instruments.

Each song was easily ten minutes long and the tempo could best be described as somewhere between adagio and grave. Thus the nap time.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you had a pretty day. But if you visit someplace at first and want to get something from what you don't know much about, you should study a little bit before you visit there.
If you had done, you could have enjoyed more about the Korean culture that you saw.