Thursday, March 08, 2007

Strange Weather

We had been having some of the most beautiful weather. It was very spring-like and the trees looked like they wanted to burst with new leaves.

But then Sunday turned into a drenching rain. We still went to Yongsan to browse the DVD selection. Apparently, the electronic marketeers didn't like the rain. It was eerily deserted because only two vendors had their full selection and three others had a limited selection out huddled under a large umbrella. When we had sufficiently looked through the limited selection, we went to eat salted pork in our favorite back alley restaurant - Sogum Gui. On the way home we jumped on the wrong bus and had to walk an extra four blocks home in the rain. We were sopping wet.

Monday continued the weird weather as it turned bitter cold. For some reason, cold weather after a warm spell seems colder than it should. My adult English students said that this was typical March weather with three or more days of cold and then four days of warmer temps. I told them about our saying for March 'In like a lion and out like a lamb'.

Tuesday, Wednesday and today it snowed. Not enough to stick and make things white but enough to call it a flurry. I am really ready for spring now.

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