Monday, April 16, 2007

Kangchunsan Hiking

Stupid Tourist Saturday cont.
After the tea plantation and the bamboo park, we ventured north to hike Kangchunsan mountain. The trail is a leisurely stroll that is best known for its waterfalls and suspension bridge.
The trail follows a creek through the canyon and passes multiple waterfalls along the way.
The creek cascades down and was lined with cherry trees and other flowering trees.
The suspension bridge seems completely worthless. It is like architects got together and challenged each other just for the purpose of a challenge. The result: the Golden Gate Bridge (in Korea, over a creek, way up in the air).
It made for some nice pictures.
The trail converted from a leisurely stroll to a sharply jutting, jagged rocky ascent up the mountain. There were hand rails in some places and ropes in other places so that one could literally pull themselves up. The vista at the top was worth it. A small temple looking structure overlooked mountain valleys in every direction as far as the eye could see.
In the valley far below was a Buddhist monastery and temple that we had passed on the way up the trail.
I snapped this picture just as the monk was bending down to do some more gardening. However, it looks like he is bowing to his bulbs. I'd like to thing he is blessing them to grow well. Anybody know any good Buddhist blessings?

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